Insurance Age: “Head Lines” Mental Health Campaign

It is great to see our own CEO Claire Russell share her own story and experience with #mentalhealth in the prominent #insurance industry magazine, Insurance Age.

As a successful career woman, Claire thought that she was invincible;

"In my 20s I recall discussing mental health with friends, saying: Iā€™m not the type of person to have mental health problems. I believed that then ā€“ I felt invincible, I was sure I could do anything I wanted. It never occurred to me that I might have a chink in my armour."

In the article, Claire talks openly about her own battle with #depression and #anxiety and the lack of support she received at work when she had a breakdown (compared to the support she received for a physical health problem in her early years in the insurance industry).

Read her story and find out more about what the research says when it comes to investing in mental health training and education in your business.

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