Time to raise the game on mental health

After everything that we have all experienced over the last two years, now really is the time to raise the game, when it comes to organisational mental health and wellbeing.

There have been some positive strides forward in the last few years - the profile of workplace mental health has never been higher.

The COVID19 pandemic has only increased the prevalence of mental health issues; and the pressure on employers to ensure that they are creating psychologically safe and healthy places to work. Employees want something different from their employers.

Talking openly about having a mental illness is still very difficult. Coming forward and asking for help, takes courage - as the stigma and discrimination surrounding these conditions remains widespread.

When a high-profile public figure or celebrity speaks up about their mental health struggles and encourages mental health treatment, it can raise awareness on a wider scale and send the message that it’s okay to ask for help.

There are a growing number of well-known individuals who have become outspoken advocates to promote mental health in many creative ways, and helping to smash the taboo.

But where are the business leaders?

António Horta-Osório, chief executive of Lloyds Banking Group has famously spoken out about his own mental ill health - and helped to drive hugely positive and measurable change within the group- this is fantastic and we need to see far more of this.

We need to see business leaders taking bold, definitive action- action for which, I guarantee, they will reap the rewards.

Business In The Community’s ‘Mental Health at Work 2020’ report reveals the scale and impact of the pandemic on the mental health of employees - and their 2021 report ‘What If Your Job Was Good For You?’ identifies actions employers can take to transform wellbeing at work. The report sets out how business leaders can create an environment in which employees feel supported to do their best work. It also outlines how to achieve good jobs for all, that drive sustainable positive mental health outcomes.

A high percentage of managers still believe that there are barriers to providing support for the mental wellbeing of those they manage. I believe that breaking down those barriers has to start at the top- in the boardroom.

There has never been a better time for businesses to take action. Now is the time for employers and business owners to do everything that they can to support the mental health of their employees- it is crucial to running a successful, sustainable business.

What do you see as the barriers? Is your business taking action?

With love, Claire

P.S Speaking of taking action, It was an absolute privilege to work with this awesome group of people at CFC Insurance last week 🌟

This was the first cohort to take part in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England mental first aid training, as part of a new organisational mental health and wellbeing strategy that we are working with CFC on.

It’s such a pleasure and a joy to be doing this work and to be working with great people in businesses that really do care about their people!

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