Resilience is in-built and is the key to good mental health

We have been talking a lot about Resilience in our last couple of newsletters. Resilience is a subject that is very close to my heart - and it is something that I talk a lot about, in the work that I do in our business, in the one to one work I do - and as a keynote and event speaker.

I talk frequently about some of the lived experiences that I have had - experiences that I believe have helped me to develop my resilience. I hope that by talking about some of my experiences I can help others to see that they too are resilient - and that they have shown resilience many many times already.

Recognising our innate resilience is important - it gives us a baseline from which we can consider the ways that we might be able to further develop our resilience, which will help to protect our future mental health and wellbeing.

Today I wanted to share the TEDx talk that I did a while ago, talking about resilience. I hope you enjoy it and hear something in it for you.

If you would like me to come and speak for your organisation, about resilience, or any related mental health topic, you can contact me here

Thank you,

Claire Russell, MHIB Founder and CEO

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