Suicide affects every one of us – directly or indirectly.

In 2020 in the UK, over 6200 people died by suicide. Research suggests that 10-25 times this number attempted suicide - and 1 in 5 of us has considered suicide at some point.

The ripple effect of suicide is huge- when one person dies, 13 people are irrevocably harmed and 135 people are directly impacted.

When we lose someone to suicide, we are left with many questions - that will largely remain unanswered.

There is considerable evidence that most suicides are preventable - around 80%. In those cases there is some part of that person, on some level, that wants to live.

Now - this can be difficult to hear, especially for anyone that is bereaved by suicide - it raises questions about whether we could have done anything to help the one we loved, the one we lost. It’s important to acknowledge that some people do not give others the chance to help them - they do not share how they are feeling, and they are good at hiding their intentions.

And - it is important to know these people are in the minority.

This doesn’t necessarily help someone who is bereaved - it is, unequivocally, devastating to lose someone to suicide. As someone who has lost someone to suicide, I can now take comfort in the knowledge that, while I cannot turn back time and help the one I lost, I can use my lived experiences to try to help others.

80% of suicides are preventable. This means all of those people are giving some signs that they are thinking of suicide, and sending out some messages that they need help. We can learn to spot those signs and respond to those messages. By doing that, very simply, we can help that person to stay safe, while they seek professional help.

Suicide First Aid training is an essential training - I truly believe everyone should do this training. At the very least every business, organisation, educational setting (or any other environment where there are people) should have someone who has completed Suicide First Aid training.

We are offering places on an open Suicide First Aid course. See HERE for full details.

If you would like to explore the option to have us deliver and in-house Suicide First Aid training for your organisation, please contact us HERE.

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