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We talk a lot about what businesses should be doing for the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

And rightly so - all employers have a legal and moral duty to provide psychologically safe and healthy workplaces; and all employees have a right to expect that their work does not make them ill.

All organisations should make employee mental health and wellbeing a top priority - and there is a very strong moral, legal and financial business case for doing so.

There should be an ongoing program of training in place, in every workplace, to make sure that the right people have the right skills - to ensure that all employees are given the best opportunity to experience good mental wellbeing, and to thrive at work.

What about people who are unwell - people who have mental health conditions and need support in order to be able to remain and thrive at work, or who need support when returning to work after a period of absence due to mental ill health?

With as many as one in four people experiencing symptoms of common mental health disorders like anxiety and depression - and with as many as 68% of people regularly experiencing moderate to high levels of stress - it is essential that businesses have measures in place to support those who are unwell.

The research is very clear - if people feel supported when they experience mental ill health - they are much more likely to recover and stay well.

This is why, in addition to all the work we do with businesses to help them create psychologically safe places of work - we are pleased to share details of Able Futures.

Able Futures can provide nine months confidential, no cost advice, guidance and support from mental health professionals to help individuals cope with work while managing a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression or stress.

Able Futuresā€™ mental health specialists can help people cope with any difficulties that are affecting focus and time at work. This could help people to have more good days and tackle issues such as stress, depression and anxiety.

Able Futures provides regular time to speak with a mental health specialist about issues that are having an impact at work, help with learning new self care strategies, ways to become more resilient, ways of coping, as well as finding the confidence to take practical steps to overcome problems and make adjustments to help mental health at work.

For details of how Able Futures can support individuals with their mental health see HERE.

For details of how we can work with your business to help you to create a workplace where all employees are supported and empowered to experience good mental health and wellbeing, see HERE or contact our team to arrange a no obligation discussion HERE

Claire Russell, MHIB CEO

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