Stress Awareness Month – How Can Employers Identify and Manage the Risks of Stress at Work

It's no secret that stress at work is a major problem. A 2020 study by Perkbox found that an overwhelming 79% of British workers say they commonly experience work-related stress, which is 20% higher than in 2018. And it would be surprising if this number hadn't increased further following the pandemic. Various health problems are...

Stress Awareness Month – How Being Part of a Community Can Help You Take Action Against Stress

Welcome to the  Take Action series of blogs for April, where we've followed the theme for Stress Awareness Month 2023. In this next piece, we will look at the importance of community in fighting stress and building resilience. Stress and anxiety are becoming increasingly common in the modern world, making it harder and harder to...Continue reading

Stress Awareness Month – Our Top Tips to Take Action at Work

Welcome back to our April "Take Action" series supporting Stress Awareness Month. In our second article, we will look at managing stress in the workplace. And if you missed our first article about managing stress at home, check it out here. Managing stress at work is essential to protect our mental and physical health as...Continue reading

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