Managing Stress in The Workplace

No organisation can ignore the risks of stress.

As the world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, managing stress has become a critical part of managing a healthy and productive workforce. Stress is a significant risk in today's workplace, leading to reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and high employee turnover. And managing the risks of stress is a major responsibility for all organisations.

In fact, it's more important than ever to invest in workplace mental health programs and initiatives. Not only for the benefit of existing employees but also to stand out as an employer of choice for future talent.

One of our clients was struggling with high levels of stress and burnout among their employees.

They had implemented various wellness programs, such as mindfulness sessions and fitness initiatives, but they still weren't seeing the results they hoped for. It wasn't until they invested in mental health training for their managers that they began to see a real change in their workplace culture.

By empowering their managers with the knowledge and skills to recognise and manage stress in their teams, they were able to create a more supportive and understanding work environment. Not only did this lead to a decrease in absenteeism and turnover rates, but it also improved overall productivity and employee engagement.

At Mental Health in Business, we understand your need for stress and risk management training to protect the wellbeing of your employees and mitigate the associated risks that can arise from it. So, with our all-new offering, IOSH-Licensed Stress and Risk Management Training, you can ensure that your managers and supervisors can confidently and effectively identify, monitor and manage the risk of stress in their teams.

The program has been specifically developed to empower your organisation's leaders. It provides practical guidance to help managers identify and manage stress in the workplace, how to signpost if necessary and discussions of real-life case studies.

Give your employees peace of mind that their mental health is being taken seriously, and enhance team morale by having an up-to-date mental health training programme. Our accredited and certified training is essential for showing a commitment to employees' well-being, reducing risk in the workplace as well as helping staff to perform at their best.

We can conduct this training internally for your team of people leaders but we also have places available on our public open programmes. Take the first step towards creating a positive mental health environment for your organisation by discovering more about this invaluable training. You can download the information sheet here and contact us at info@mhib.co.uk

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