The Broker Magazine: What do line managers ever do for me? Article by Claire Russell 

Line managers have a profound impact on the mental health and well-being of their teams, making their role vital in fostering a positive work environment. In this article in the May edition of The Broker magazine, Claire Russell of Mental Health in Business emphasises the need for organisations to provide comprehensive training and support to...Continue reading

Breaking the Chains: How Individuals Can Help Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Mental health stigma continues to cast a dark shadow over the lives of countless individuals worldwide, hindering their well-being and recovery. However, breaking the chains of stigma requires collective efforts, and each individual has a crucial role to play. By understanding and challenging the misconceptions surrounding mental health, promoting empathy and compassion, advocating for change,...Continue reading

Unravelling the Layers: Understanding the Key Causes of Mental Health Stigma

Mental health awareness has gained significant traction in today's rapidly evolving world. However, despite this progress, the stigma surrounding mental health remains a significant obstacle to individuals seeking help and support. To effectively address this issue, it is crucial to delve into the underlying causes of mental health stigma. So, let's explore the key factors...Continue reading

The Impact of Stigma on Mental Health and Suicide Rates

In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, conversations about mental health have become more prevalent. While progress has been made in breaking down barriers surrounding mental health, stigma remains a significant obstacle. This article explores the concept of stigma, its detrimental effects, and the importance of combating it to promote a healthier society. Understanding Stigma Stigma...Continue reading

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