Understanding the Profound Impact of Suicide: Unveiling the Ripple Effect

In the realm of mental health, suicide stands as a tragic and complex phenomenon that extends far beyond its immediate and devastating consequences. Beyond the tip of the iceberg lies the hidden and powerful ripple effect that touches the lives of countless individuals, families, and communities. It's crucial to delve into the depths of this...Continue reading

Supporting Parents’ Mental Health: A Guide for Employers During the Summer Holidays

As the summer sun continues, so do the school holidays, often creating a mix of excitement and anxiety for working parents. Balancing professional responsibilities with the care and entertainment of their children can be a challenging feat, placing considerable strain on their mental well-being. And as an employer, you have a unique opportunity to step...Continue reading

Spotting the Signs: Is Your Child Struggling with Their Mental Health this Summer?

As the sun shines and school bells take a well-deserved break, children everywhere are revelling in the joys of summer. It's a time for ice creams, outdoor adventures, and quality family moments. However, amidst the laughter and carefree days, parents must remain vigilant about their children's mental well-being. Just like physical health, mental health requires...Continue reading

Surviving Summer: A Parent’s Guide to Preserving Mental Well-being

As the school bells ring and summer break begins, parents embark on an exciting yet demanding journey: the 6-week school holidays. While it's a cherished time to create lasting memories with your children, it can also pose challenges to your mental well-being. Juggling work, childcare, and personal time might seem daunting, but with strategic approaches,...Continue reading

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