Supporting Parents’ Mental Health: A Guide for Employers During the Summer Holidays

As the summer sun continues, so do the school holidays, often creating a mix of excitement and anxiety for working parents.

Balancing professional responsibilities with the care and entertainment of their children can be a challenging feat, placing considerable strain on their mental well-being. And as an employer, you have a unique opportunity to step in and provide valuable support during this time, not only promoting employee satisfaction but also enhancing overall workplace productivity.

In this blog, we'll explore several actionable tips you can use to assist parents in navigating the summer holidays while maintaining their mental health.

Tips for Employers

Flexible Work Arrangements

Recognise that parents might require adjusted work schedules during the school summer holidays. Offering flexible working hours, remote work options, or compressed workweeks can help parents manage their family commitments while fulfilling their job responsibilities.

Clear Communication

Initiate an open dialogue with parents throughout the summer break. Encourage them to discuss their needs and challenges so that you can collectively brainstorm solutions. Clear communication sets the foundation for a supportive work environment. 

Resource Sharing

Provide parents with resources such as information on local summer camps, workshops, and community activities for their children. Sharing such information can alleviate some of the stress parents might feel about finding engaging and constructive ways to keep their children occupied.

Wellness Programs

Extend your company's wellness initiatives to support mental health. Consider offering mindfulness workshops, virtual yoga classes, or meditation sessions that parents can join to alleviate stress and recharge during their busy schedules.

Temporary Leave Options

Introduce temporary leave options, allowing parents to take a few days off during the holidays without worrying about work-related consequences. This could give them the essential time to spend quality moments with their children.

Team Support

Encourage team members to show empathy and understanding towards their colleagues who are parents. By fostering a culture of support, you can create an environment where everyone collaborates to ensure workloads are distributed fairly.

Goal Setting and Prioritisation

Help parents set realistic work goals during the summer months. Allow them to prioritise tasks and focus on high-impact projects while understanding that certain objectives might be deferred until the holidays are over.


The summer holidays can be both a joyful and challenging time for working parents. And employers have a pivotal role to play in supporting their staff's mental health during this period. By implementing flexible work arrangements, encouraging clear communication, and providing resources, employers can create an environment where parents feel valued, understood, and empowered to balance their personal and professional lives.

As we embark on this journey of fostering supportive workplaces, let's remember that by investing in parents' well-being, we are not only nurturing our employees but also enhancing the overall vitality of our organisations.

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