Our People

Claire Russell - Founder, Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Claire has had a corporate career spanning 20 years, having managed and directed businesses in the financial services sector since she was just 20 years old.

This has given her a very broad business knowledge and a great deal of experience in facing and overcoming the challenges that all business owners face at some time in their business careers. Latterly, since selling her Insurance business, she has worked in a consultancy capacity as a strategic development director, helping businesses to look at all areas of development of their business.

Claire started to use some of her time to help others as a volunteer with Samaritans, after experiencing a difficult period in her life. She realised that she wanted to use her skills and experiential knowledge to help other people facing difficult times; and in particular, mental health issues. This led her to undergo various additional training programs via Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid England and as a Coach; to begin volunteering and working privately with people; and to start speaking candidly about issues relating to mental health and suicide.

In March 2018 Claire experienced a double tragedy- the loss of her partner due to suicide and shortly after the loss of their unborn child. Experiencing loss like this has made Claire all the more determined to take her experience, training and knowledge and help as many people as possible. Her vision is to lead a global shift in attitudes towards mental  health and suicide.

In the last few years, having become increasingly concerned by the growing epidemic of mental health problems, she has become passionate about helping to effect change by educating people, by breaking down taboos and opening up the conversation about mental health.

Claire leads our program development, delivers training and coaching; and is a prolific speaker. She continues to be a committed volunteer, giving much of her time to her local Samaritans branch.

As well as being a listening volunteer with The Samaritans, Claire is also qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and CLARITY Practitioner

Nikki Owen – Founder & Operations Director

Nikki comes to us with 13 years experience of running and growing two personal development businesses. The first was the UK’s leading NLP & Hypnosis Training business, followed by a 3 Principles-based coaching business that trained 100’s of Clarity Coaches as well as helping 100’s of established coaches to grow their businesses. Being involved with both businesses from startup, means her experience spans all aspects of business management including admin, sales, marketing, finance, talent management and operations and gives her great insight in to the challenges that business owners face.

The teachings at the core of both of Nikki's previous businesses were that we all have mental health, all of the time - and sometimes we just need a little help to see that. Nikki’s personal transformations, journey and the things that she has experienced and learned have helped her to see just how important shining a light on this subject is. We all know someone that has struggled with mental health, and now is the time to make a significant and positive change around the world.

Nikki is a mum to two children and will be welcoming a new baby to her family in early 2019. Her understanding of mental health and well-being has transformed all aspects of her life from parenting & relationships through to business success. This leads to an appreciation for just how important mental health in the workplace is. One of her core values is to walk the talk… ensuring that as a team we practice what we preach and have a positive and supportive attitude to mental health within our own business and personal lives.

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