Mindfulness and Self-Care: Building Resilience During Challenging Seasons

In the dark and dreary days of winter (and stormy days if you're in the UK right now), many find themselves grappling with heightened stress, anxiety, and even seasonal blues. However, amongst the challenges, a potent antidote exists – the fusion of mindfulness and self-care. In this article, we dive into the profound benefits of...Continue reading

Building A Personal Wellbeing Tool Kit

These are challenging times – there are many factors that pose a threat to our individual and collective mental health and wellbeing. So how can we all better equip ourselves for positive wellbeing, and future proof our mental health? The first step is self-determination. Self-determination is about the choices we make by ourselves without external...Continue reading

Building Resilience as a Protective Measure for Future Wellbeing

In our last article we looked at what resilience really is, and at the relationship between resilience and mental health. Being resilient doesn’t protect a person from experiencing pain or distress. People who suffer trauma in their lives will often experience emotional pain and stress. Being resilient does mean that a person will be better...Continue reading

Resilience for Mental Health

Resilience is absolutely fundamental to good mental health and well-being. During our lives we will all face challenges that test our resilience – physical or mental ill health, relationship problems, financial challenges, loss and bereavement. When faced with these challenges, our resilience can quite literally save us. It seems that some people are born with...Continue reading

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