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managing stress & avoiding burnout


      Join CEO of MHIB, TEDx speaker, mental health campaigner & Samaritans volunteer; Claire Russell, for this powerful workshop to help you manage stress, improve mental well-being and avoid burnout. 

Would you like to help yourself and others manage stress levels and avoid burnout?
Would you like to have more understanding about what causes stress and the effects of stress on mental, emotional and physical health? 
Are you worried about the effects of stress on your colleagues/team/organisational well-being? 
Do you worry that you – or your colleagues - are heading for burnout? 
Would you like to have more understanding about how to create an anti-burnout culture, so that you / your colleagues / your team can enjoy great well-being and thrive at work? 


We all experience stress to some degree – some might say that some stress is healthy or helpful, because it motivates us and keeps us moving. 

However – there is considerable evidence that high levels of stress, persistently, can lead to mental ill-health and contribute to serious physical ill-health. 

Since early 2020, we have collectively been living through an extraordinarily stressful time – most people have been coping with unforeseen change and challenges, uncertainty, anxiety and worry. 

Many people have had their businesses hugely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, many have lost their jobs, been adapting to working at home, coping with isolation and home-schooling children who may themselves be struggling emotionally. Sadly, many people have been bereaved during the pandemic and, like many people with existing physical or mental health conditions - may not have been able to access the support needed. 

Numerous studies* carried out between June 2020-June 2021 have identified the risk that many people may be heading for burnout. 

One in five UK workers feels unable to manage pressure and stress levels at work

46% of UK workers feel ‘more prone to extreme levels of stress’ compared with a year ago (March 2021 vs March 2020)

 Just 23% of people know what plans their employers have in place to help spot signs of chronic stress and burnout in employees

“A recent study by Monster found that 69% of employees working from home are experiencing symptoms of burnout. It’s unsurprising when you consider how many of us are juggling busy work schedules, video calls, home-schooling and household chores everyday”
Mental Health Charity, Mind; March 2021 

         WHAT TO EXPECT 

During this 2-hour workshop participants will learn about the effects of stress on mental, emotional and physical well-being; how to manage stress; the link between burnout and mental health and how to avoid burnout. 

The session will involve interactive discussions and group exercises which are specially designed to ensure effective learning in a short timeframe within an online environment. 

The workshop will be hosted on Zoom 

The price of this workshop is for an individual place but you can book several if you would like to invite some colleagues or friends to join you.


You will be able to spot the signs of stress in yourself and colleagues and know how to manage stress better, in order to enjoy better mental, physical and emotional well- being.  

You will be able to identify if you, or your colleagues, are showing signs of burnout. You will understand the relationship between burnout and mental health and be able to take steps to avoid burnout and promote good mental well-being for all.

You will be equipped to burnout-proof yourself, your team and your organisation and be able to create a psychologically safe and healthy working environment in which every person is supported and enabled to experience good mental well-being and to truly thrive. 


Claire Russell

Claire has had a corporate career spanning 20 years, having managed and directed businesses in the financial services sector since she was just 20 years old.

This has given her a very broad business knowledge and a great deal of experience in facing and overcoming the challenges that all business owners face at some time in their business careers. Latterly, since selling her Insurance business, she has worked in a consultancy capacity as a strategic development director, helping businesses to look at all areas of development of their business.

Claire started to use some of her time to help others as a volunteer with Samaritans, after experiencing a difficult period in her life. She realised that she wanted to use her skills and experiential knowledge to help other people facing difficult times; and in particular, mental health issues. This led her to undergo various additional training programs via Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid England and as a Coach; to begin volunteering and working privately with people; and to start speaking candidly about issues relating to mental health and suicide.

In March 2018 Claire experienced a double tragedy- the loss of her partner due to suicide and shortly after the loss of their unborn child. Experiencing loss like this has made Claire all the more determined to take her experience, training and knowledge and help as many people as possible. Her vision is to lead a global shift in attitudes towards mental  health and suicide.

In the last few years, having become increasingly concerned by the growing epidemic of mental health problems, she has become passionate about helping to effect change by educating people, by breaking down taboos and opening up the conversation about mental health.

Claire leads our program development, delivers training and coaching; and is a prolific speaker. She continues to be a committed volunteer, giving much of her time to her local Samaritans branch.

As well as being a listening volunteer with The Samaritans, Claire is also qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and CLARITY Practitioner


Date: 2nd September 2021

Time: 5pm to 7pm UK time

Investment: £49 + VAT


- Powerful 2 hour workshop 

- Written resources for all attendees 

Date: 6th September 2021

Time: 2pm to 4pm UK time

Investment: £49 + VAT


- Powerful 2 hour workshop 

- Written resources for all attendees 

“Burnout is a state of vital exhaustion. It refers specifically to the phenomena in the occupational context and should not be applied to describe experiences in other areas of life”.

World Health Organisation, 2018.

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