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fully accredited online mental health first aid training

Mental Health First Aid Training Online

We are licenced and accredited to deliver MHFA England's Adult Mental Health First Aid training which is recognised by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Train as a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider®) and receive three years of certification, plus access to ongoing benefits.

This course is ideal for individuals who would like to become an MHFAider® to gain the knowledge and skills to spot signs of people experiencing poor mental health, be confident to start a conversation and signpost a person to appropriate support.​

In addition to the course, you will become part of the largest MHFAider® community in England, gaining access to resources, ongoing learning and 24/7 digital support through our MHFAider Support App®, to give you the tools and knowledge you need to carry out the role effectively and confidently, whether that be in your workplace, a volunteer role, or in the community.

Why Mental Health First Aid?

January 2019, with a cross-party group of MPs overwhelmingly backing a motion to introduce legislation to put mental and physical first aid on an equal footing through first aid regulations. Simon Blake, the CEO of Mental Health First Aid England says;

"The government has made some clear commitments to achieving parity of esteem for mental health, a vision that we and many other mental health organisations share. Updating the current first aid regulations to include mental health would move us one step closer to achieving this equality and we believe that it really is a case of when, not if, this change in law will happen”.

Increasingly it looks as if it will become mandatory for businesses to have qualified Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace.

       What differentiates OUR (MHIB) training from other providers’?

Mental Health First Aid Training is our core offering and this is complemented by on-going support for every mental health first aider that we train. Our team are all experienced and qualified trainers and coaches and we also provide one to one coaching and mentoring, broader mental health awareness training and HR business support - assisting businesses in reviewing and implementing mental health and wellbeing policies, procedures and training.

As a certified MHFAider® you will be able to:

Recognise those that may be experiencing poor mental health and provide them with first-level support and early intervention
Encourage a person to identify and access sources of professional help and other supports
Practise active listening and empathy
Have a conversation with improved mental health literacy around language and stigma
Discuss the MHFAider® role in depth, including boundaries and confidentiality 
Practise self-care 
Know how to use the MHFAider Support App® 
Know how to access a dedicated text service provided by Shout and ongoing learning opportunities with MHFA England

In addition, the brand new and updated MHFA Training provides:

The MHFAider Support App® provides training resources and ongoing learning opportunities so that MHFAiders® can improve their support skills on the job.
MHFAiders® can help organise their roles with reminders and secure conversation journaling, to safely reflect on their work.
The MHFAider Support App® works to support the MHFAiders'® own mental health – the resources within can teach critical self-care skills, with the emotion tracker function allowing them to chart their own wellbeing.
The app provides 24/7 text support for when MHFAiders® are feeling overwhelmed or need guidance for certain situations.
MHFAiders® have access to regular online events that provide further learning and support, allowing them to continue to perform their role confidently and effectively, long after receiving their initial training.

£300 + VAT

(Valued at £325, subsidised for our clients)

Limited Spaces Available on Upcoming Dates

What to expect:

Learning takes place across four manageable sessions (over 2 full days in person, or 4 x 4-hour online sessions).

Through a mix of group activities, presentations and discussions, each session is built around a Mental Health First Aid action plan.

Course Structure:

Session 1:

- Mental Health First Aid ​and the action plan
- The MHFAider® role ​and self-care
- Helpful and unhelpful language ​
- Useful models to support the role

Session 3:

- Applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan
- What is depression? ​
- What is suicide? ​
- Crisis first aid ​continued
- What is psychosis? ​

Session 2:

- What influences mental health? ​
- What is anxiety? ​
- Crisis first aid
- Active listening and empathy ​
- What are eating disorders? ​
- What is self-harm? ​
- What is substance misuse? ​

Session 4:

- Recovery and lived experience ​
- Boundaries in the MHFAider® role
- Moving forward in the MHFAider® role ​
- My MHFA action plan ​

Including with your booking:

1 x place on our certified MHFA course
1 x 90 min follow-up coaching & support call with Steve Heath, a trained mental health first aider and coach
Ongoing email support from our team as required
A hard copy workbook to support their learning throughout the course
A digital manual to refer to whenever they need it​ after completing the course
A wallet-sized reference card with the Mental Health First Aid action plan​
A digital MHFAider® certificate
Access to the MHFAider Support App® for three years
Access to ongoing learning opportunities, resources and exclusive  events ​
The opportunity to be part of the largest MHFAider® community in England

About your trainers

Claire Russell

Claire has had a corporate career spanning 20 years, having managed and directed businesses in the financial services sector since she was just 20 years old.

This has given her a very broad business knowledge and a great deal of experience in facing and overcoming the challenges that all business owners face at some time in their business careers. Latterly, since selling her Insurance business, she has worked in a consultancy capacity as a strategic development director, helping businesses to look at all areas of development of their business.

Claire started to use some of her time to help others as a volunteer with Samaritans, after experiencing a difficult period in her life. She realised that she wanted to use her skills and experiential knowledge to help other people facing difficult times; and in particular, mental health issues. This led her to undergo various additional training programs via Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid England and as a Coach; to begin volunteering and working privately with people; and to start speaking candidly about issues relating to mental health and suicide.

In March 2018 Claire experienced a double tragedy- the loss of her partner due to suicide and shortly after the loss of their unborn child. Experiencing loss like this has made Claire all the more determined to take her experience, training and knowledge and help as many people as possible. Her vision is to lead a global shift in attitudes towards mental  health and suicide.

In the last few years, having become increasingly concerned by the growing epidemic of mental health problems, she has become passionate about helping to effect change by educating people, by breaking down taboos and opening up the conversation about mental health.

Claire leads our program development, delivers training and coaching; and is a prolific speaker. She continues to be a committed volunteer, giving much of her time to her local Samaritans branch.

As well as being a listening volunteer with The Samaritans, Claire is also qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and CLARITY Practitioner

Steve Heath

Our online Mental Health First Aid Training will be co-trained by one of our founders and directors Steve Heath.

Steve is a trainee Samaritan, qualified Clarity coach, mindfulness practitioner and breath worker with over 5 years of experience travelling around the world training with some of the leading teachers in the field. 

He brings his own unique insights from coaching and working with one to one clients in his own private breathwork practise where he teaches powerful breathing techniques for stress, anxiety and depression reduction.

Steve has a passion for making mindfulness and breathwork more accessible in the business and corporate world where he believes that breathing techniques to calm the mind, regulate emotion, reduce stress and boost energy are needed now more than ever.     

£300 + VAT

(Valued at £325, subsidised for our clients)

Limited Spaces Available on Upcoming Dates

Select your date and complete your booking:

June/July 2024

The June/July training will be ran online over following dates:

Session 1: Wednesday 26th June  - 9am - 1pm

Session 2: Friday 28th June - 9am - 1pm

Session 3: Wednesday 3rd July - 9am - 1pm

Session 4: Friday  5th July - 9am - 1pm

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