Some of our clients and what they have to say about our work together

"60% of workers surveyed said if their employer took action to support the mental wellbeing of all staff, they would feel more loyal, motivated, committed and be likely to recommend their workplace as a good place to work."
Paul Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, Mind

"I am the Wellbeing Lead at Railpen. I have been working closely with Claire Russell and other members of the Mental Health in Business team on the design, implementation and delivery of our organisational mental health and wellbeing strategy. I am delighted to provide a testimonial as to our work together.

At the beginning of our work together, Claire and her team took the time to understand our organisational requirements and objectives before providing recommendations and guidance on what would constitute an appropriate organisational wellbeing program.

We launched our program which consists of Mental Health First Aid Training; Line Managers Training; advice & support on practice, policy, procedures, processes and documents; ongoing strategic support and ongoing support coaching and mentoring - in 2021.

This year we have committed to a 3-year strategy as we are delighted with the impact made so far.

Claire and the team have supported our team at every step, listening carefully to our concerns, challenges and requirements and designing our program and training accordingly. The results so far have been positive and very encouraging - the feedback from our staff on everything that has been delivered has been excellent, the engagement has been high and we are noticing a positive cultural change in the business.

The MHIB team have been very keen to fully understand what work had already been done on wellbeing in order that they could support, complement and build on any initiatives we had already invested in.

Its been a pleasure to work with Claire and the team (they almost feel internal now). We would highly recommend Mental Health in Business to any organisation wishing to initiate a holistic, meaningful organisational mental health and wellbeing program."

Stacey Humphries EA and Wellbeing Lead, Railpen

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