Claire has over 20 years business ownership and corporate leadership experience, having established, run, sold and managed several businesses in the financial services sector. She is a confident presenter and speaker and has presented on a wide range of topics from business leadership and strategy to more personal inspirational and motivational talks drawing on her own personal experiences.

More recently Claire's focus has moved to mental health and in particular mental health in business and the workplace. She has considerable experience working, volunteering and advising in this area as well as her own very personal experience. She is a certified mental health first aider, accredited mental health first aid trainer and a committed volunteer and trainer with the charitable organisation Samaritans. There are many people talking about mental health but very few that have the combined experience that Claire has - which she is determined to use to effect real change.

Claire can offer a keynote, talk or workshop tailored to your audience and the time available, from a 45 minute talk to a 3 hour workshop. Some examples of talks and workshops that she currently offers are below.



Resilience is in-built and IS the key to Mental Health
Mental Health in the workplace
Mental Health in the Workplace- the real cost to business (and it’s not £’s)
What every employer needs to know about Mental Health at work
Handling stress in the Workplace


        Claire gave a heartfelt and candid insight into the stigma surrounding mental health issues to 400 guests at the BIBA Dinner in Manchester. She addressed her own challenges with mental health with brutal honesty and compared people’s reaction to mental rather than physical ailments. Claire has an important message to tell about the journey down but also about recovery and redemption. By showing everyone her vulnerability she also underlined the message “it’s okay to not be okay”. Claire got a well deserved standing ovation but more importantly got her message out and it is essential that more people hear this message.

Mike Warwick


   Claire joined us for an industry dinner and was one of the main speakers. Usually a fairly noisy event, you could have heard a pin drop. Incredibly poignant, heartfelt and genuine. We have been blown away by the feedback and I can't recommend Claire highly enough. Thank you.

Simon Carlon


I had the privilege of listening to Claire speak so eloquently at a recent dinner. For years a taboo subject Claire talks about mental health and her own vulnerabilities in a way that just resonates with everyone. Claire held the room in awe and in complete silence as she took us on an inspirational journey from self doubt to an abundance of strength. Simply inspirational and the standing ovation received at the end was richly deserved.

John Batty


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