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Well-being Membership for SME's

We believe in workplace cultures where everyone can flourish.

We think that all businesses and organisations, regardless of size, should be able to access Mental Health First Aid training and Mental Health Awareness Training, so that they can support their people to have great mental health.

Creating an environment in which employees are supported to have good mental health is simply good business management. There is significant evidence that workplaces with positive cultures in mental well-being are more productive and more successful. Supporting good employee mental health and wellness is crucial to running a prosperous and sustainable organisation – and this has a ripple effect far beyond the walls of your business.

Our Membership Subscription Programme

  • Are you a business owner or manager?
  • Are you interested in improving the bottom-line results of your business?
  • Do you want to improve the mental health and wellbeing culture in your business?
  • Would it make a difference to you if we could help you to attract , nurture and retain better talent?
  • What if we could help you to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism in your business?

We have created something especially for you to help you with all of these things. Normally, we only work with large organisations who have tens of thousands of pounds to invest in the training and development of their teams; and what we’ve noticed is there isn’t really a solution for smaller businesses who really want to create a positive environment in which employees feel able to ask for help and are supported to have good mental health. The only option is standalone training which doesn’t really offer any kind of follow up support.

One of our core values at Mental Health in Business Ltd is about making mental health support accessible to everybody, to all organisations, no matter what size. We are not interested in working with businesses for whom mental health is a box-ticking exercise – it’s really important to us that the clients we work with are really invested in making a difference within their business and for the individuals that work for them.

So, with that in mind we’ve created a very special and affordable solution that works with you and your business over the course of a year to deliver a real change to the culture around workplace mental health and well-being.

At the bottom of this page you’ll see that there are three different levels of subscription service. You can choose which level of subscription service is appropriate for your business depending on your business needs.

If you already know this is for you, just click the link, choose your membership level and book online. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.

       What differentiates OUR (MHIB) training from other providers’?

Mental Health First Aid Training is our core offering and this is complemented by on-going support for every mental health first aider that we train. Our team are all experienced and qualified trainers and coaches and we also provide one to one coaching and mentoring, broader mental health awareness training and HR business support - assisting businesses in reviewing and implementing mental health and wellbeing policies, procedures and training.

Benefit To Your Business

Who is this for? What kind of business will this help?

Our membership subscription service is for micro businesses and SME’s where presently, employees are far less likely to be provided with some mental health training, than in many large organisations – just 14% of small businesses and 11% of micro businesses.

We are not restricted by business sector or type – we work with and can add value in businesses of all types. Our team has considerable business leadership experience in a number of business sectors so we understand the challenges faced by our clients.

Why is this so important for your business and your workforce?

If real change is going to take place, SMEs must accept that they have a duty of care to support their employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

The health of the UK workforce is in decline – and mental ill health is the leading cause of sickness absence. A shocking 70 million working days are lost every year, due to mental ill health.

The 2018 ‘Mental Health at Work’ report shows that 61% of employees have experienced mental health problems because of their work or where work was a related factor, and one person in three has a diagnosed mental health issue. Presenteeism, when individuals go to work when they are unwell, is at its’ highest recorded level, due to rises in commonly experienced mental health issues including anxiety and depression.

Mental health is still regarded as a taboo subject at work. The 2018 ‘Mental Health at Work’ report found that only 16% of employees feel able to seek support from their manager or HR team with mental health issues; and 11% said that after they had disclosed a mental health issue they were subjected to disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal.

It is also vitally important to look at the £225 billion per year that is added to the economy by those people who are at work and have (or have had) mental health problems – this figure represents 12.1% of the UK’s total GDP. For many of those people, not only do they make a valuable contribution to the organisations that they work in – them being supported to do this is vital to their on-going wellbeing.

Your Commitment & Our Promise!

With each of our membership levels we ask that you commit to a 12 month programme with us… Why? Because it is one of our core values and part of our mission to make a real, lasting and tangible change to you and your business and we have designed our programmes with that in mind. That requires a commitment.

In return – and with your full engagement, we promise to deliver demonstrable value. You will not only embed a more positive culture of mental health in your business, in which your employees’ mental wellness becomes a top priority; you will also see a direct and positive impact on your business results.

What’s Included In Our Packages


Our mental health first aid courses are fully licensed by MHFA England (the only provider of licensed mental health first aid instructor training in England, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health).

MHFA has been internationally tried and tested and is backed by years of research making it the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to mental health training in the workplace.

All of our MHFA training is delivered by our very own CEO and fully qualified MHFA instructor; Claire Russell who is herself a multi-business owner, entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, prolific mental health campaigner and listening volunteer for the Samaritans.

Claire draws on her expert knowledge in the area of mental health in the workplace as well as her own personal lived experiences of mental health challenges to bring depth and life to what can be a difficult subject.

Here in the UK, legislative change around mental health in the workplace is a ‘hot topic’ with a cross-party group of MPs overwhelmingly backing a motion (in January 2019) to introduce legislation to put mental and physical health first aid on an equal footing.

“The government has made some clear commitments to achieving parity of esteem for mental health, a vision that we and many other mental health organisations share. Updating the current first aid regulations to include mental health would move us one step closer to achieving this equality and we believe that it really is a case of when, not if, this change in law will happen”. Simon Blake, the CEO of Mental Health First Aid

In normal circumstances we run live, in-person Adult 2-day MHFA courses. However due to current isolation and social distancing restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering certified MHFA training in an accessible online format which runs over 4 sessions of 2 ½ hours each.


As a small business it is hard to access ‘corporate level’ experience and understanding when it comes to mental health and well-being strategy.

That’s why as a micro business member you have access to our mental health in the workplace experts for 60 mins to discuss your businesses’ approach to mental health and wellbeing moving forward.

On this call our mental health in the workplace experts will use the ‘core standards’ outlined in the UK Governments ‘Thriving at Work’ report as a starting point to help guide the key people in your business.

By the end of the session, you will have a clear idea as a small business what positive actions you can take to ensure good mental health and well-being in your workplace. You will also have plenty of time to ask any questions which are specific to your business when it comes to the mental health and well-being of your employees.


If you are a small business or small business+ member you have access to our mental health in the workplace experts for 90 mins to discuss your businesses’ approach to mental health and wellbeing in depth.

On this call our mental health in the workplace experts will ask the right questions to learn what’s most important to you as a business when it comes to mental health and well-being.

As a starting point we will work with you to explore the UK Governments core standards as outlined in the ‘Thriving at Work’ report in the context of any specific challenges you face as a business.

By the end of the session, the key people and leaders in your business will have a clear well-being strategy and plan of action to lead on mental health in the workplace.


If you are a business+ member you will have access to our ‘corporate-level’ expertise when it comes to working with the finer points of mental health policy and documentation.

This is designed to perfectly complement our previous 90 min ‘sowing the seeds of change’ mental health strategy meeting, giving the leadership and/or HR function in your business the chance to review any existing mental health policies and documentation already in place and discuss potential positive changes.

On this call our very own CEO Claire Russell will work with you to learn what’s most important to you as a business when it comes to employee mental health and well-being.

Claire will share what works and what doesn’t when it comes to mental health policy & procedure by drawing on her knowledge from working with our clients in this field.


Something which is often overlooked when it comes to training mental health first aiders in the workplace is that they themselves may need support to carry out their new role as a mental health first aider alongside their normal duties.

That’s why we offer a 90 min follow-up call with Steve Heath who is a certified mental health first aider himself and a trained mental health & well-being coach.

During the follow-up call you are free to explore anything to do with your role as a mental health first aider in your place of work or you may choose to focus on a problem or challenge that you are currently facing in your own life.

After successful completion of our certified MHFA course Steve will be in touch to arrange a day and time which suits you. All calls are conducted over video conferencing or phone in the strictest of confidence.

The Mental Health First Aid Training is Accredited by:


As a micro, small business or business+ member you will receive our monthly e-guide to building a happy workforce with a series of real-world, practical mental health and well-being ideas that you can implement in your business with speed.

Learn from the best with regular in-depth case studies of businesses and business leaders who have successfully implemented a mental health and well-being strategy that works.

Be kept up to date with the latest developments in mental health and well-being in the workplace and learn more about how our clients have benefited from working with us.


If you are a small business or small business+ member you will have access to ‘key person’ license/s to our flagship professional 12-step online e-learning courses. As a ‘key person’ within your business you can choose from our mental health for men, mental health for women and mental health for home workers ‘resilience tool kits’.

Gain access to years of experience when it comes to mental health and well-being and be guided by our very own CEO, Claire Russell as she explores the fundamentals of good mental health and well-being.

Our flagship online e-learning courses require a strong commitment to personal development and change and are perfectly suited for busy business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers or key employees who want to boost their mental well-being and thrive at work (and at home).


If you are a business+ member we will work with you over the course of a year to help you implement your employee mental health & well-being strategy.

Make best use of what you have discovered in your training with us, our 90 min ‘sowing the seeds of change’ mental health strategy meeting and our 60 min mental health policy & documentation review.

Together we will have 4 ‘staying on track’ meetings which we will use to ensure you are on the right tracks as a business when it comes to carrying out your mental health and well-being strategy.

This is as close as it gets to working with us at a ‘corporate level’ over a period of 12 months to successfully roll out a mental health & well-being strategy that will make a positive difference to your business and employees.

About your trainers

Claire Russell

Claire has had a corporate career spanning 20 years, having managed and directed businesses in the financial services sector since she was just 20 years old.

This has given her a very broad business knowledge and a great deal of experience in facing and overcoming the challenges that all business owners face at some time in their business careers. Latterly, since selling her Insurance business, she has worked in a consultancy capacity as a strategic development director, helping businesses to look at all areas of development of their business.

Claire started to use some of her time to help others as a volunteer with Samaritans, after experiencing a difficult period in her life. She realised that she wanted to use her skills and experiential knowledge to help other people facing difficult times; and in particular, mental health issues. This led her to undergo various additional training programs via Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid England and as a Coach; to begin volunteering and working privately with people; and to start speaking candidly about issues relating to mental health and suicide.

In March 2018 Claire experienced a double tragedy- the loss of her partner due to suicide and shortly after the loss of their unborn child. Experiencing loss like this has made Claire all the more determined to take her experience, training and knowledge and help as many people as possible. Her vision is to lead a global shift in attitudes towards mental  health and suicide.

In the last few years, having become increasingly concerned by the growing epidemic of mental health problems, she has become passionate about helping to effect change by educating people, by breaking down taboos and opening up the conversation about mental health.

Claire leads our program development, delivers training and coaching; and is a prolific speaker. She continues to be a committed volunteer, giving much of her time to her local Samaritans branch.

As well as being a listening volunteer with The Samaritans, Claire is also qualified as a Mental Health First Aider and CLARITY Practitioner

Steve Heath

Our online Mental Health First Aid Training will be co-trained by one of our founders and directors Steve Heath.

Steve is a trainee Samaritan, qualified Clarity coach, mindfulness practitioner and breath worker with over 5 years of experience travelling around the world training with some of the leading teachers in the field. 

He brings his own unique insights from coaching and working with one to one clients in his own private breathwork practise where he teaches powerful breathing techniques for stress, anxiety and depression reduction.

Steve has a passion for making mindfulness and breathwork more accessible in the business and corporate world where he believes that breathing techniques to calm the mind, regulate emotion, reduce stress and boost energy are needed now more than ever.     

Choose Your Membership

What's included in each level?

All of the packages are listed above. At the full, Small Business + level we include:

  • 3 x places on our certified Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course accredited by MHFA England
  • 3 x follow-up MHFA support calls with a trained mental health coach
  • 1 x 90 min ‘sowing the seeds of change’ mental health strategy meeting with our workplace mental health experts: improve employee happiness and productivity by laying strong foundations for a positive mental health culture in your business.
  • 1 x 60 min mental health policy & documentation review with MHIB CEO, Claire Russell
  • 4 x 60 min ‘staying on track’ meetings with one of our workplace mental health experts.
  • 3 ‘key person’ licenses for our 12-week mental health online e-learning programs presented by MHIB CEO, TEDx speaker, Claire Russell. Separate programs for men’s mental health, women’s mental health and mental health for homeworkers are available.
  • Access to our monthly ‘Thriving at Work’ online workshops with Claire Russell and Steve Heath
  • Subscription to ‘Balance’ our members only e-guide to building a happy workforce
  • Discounts on all of our services including our specialist mental health coaching packages and flagship 18-month corporate programs

What are the dates of the training events?

As part of every subscription level you have access to 1 x Mental Health First Aid Training. We will give you plenty of date options to ensure that these can fit in with what works for you.

The Advanced & Premium levels also include access to live workshops, we will be announcing the dates of these soon  and again we will give you several date options to choose from.

I'm not a business owner or manager, is this still suitable for me?

Absolutely, we have people join us on this programme for a variety of reasons. For example, you may want to help to improve mental health within your place of work, or simply be interested in finding out more about mental health for yourself personally.

What kind of certification will I get?

The Mental Health First Aid Training is certified by MHFA England which is the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England. The MHFA Instructor Training programme is accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. Please note that we are not licensed to train Mental Health First Aiders outside of England. If you would still like to purchase a membership with us then please contact us so we can create a custom membership for you.

Where does the training take place?

The Mental Health First Aid Training and our live workshops currently take place online using video and live streaming technology.

How is the rest of the content delivered?

Other than the live training events the rest of the content is delivered online via zoom or over the phone.

How much does it cost?

 Our membership packages start from £59 a month up to £247 a month. Each level offers a significant discount for paying in full, in advance. 

Is there a guarantee?

When you register for one of the subscription programmes, we ask you commit to a 12 month programme with us so that together we can make a tangible change to mental health within your business. That being said, we understand that people change their mind, or other business priorities take over so this is what we offer:

  1. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, any refunds would not include a £100 deposit payment.
  2. Once you have secured your place on your Mental Health First Aid training no refunds or cancellations can be made – however with 24 hours notice, you can allow a colleague to attend in your place.

Both myself and my business partner want to take part, can I purchase one subscription?

I’m afraid not! We have designed and priced this subscription programme for an individual, if you would like a colleague to join you then you will need to purchase another subscription. However, if you have a larger business and would like several of your team to attend the MHFA training, we have other packages that may be suitable, so please do get in touch and let us know about your business requirements.

What make this different from other Mental Health First Aid Training?

At all levels of subscription, you will find that we offer a 12-month follow up and support programme. No other MHFA providers offer this. In addition to this, our lead trainer Claire Russell has over 20 years of corporate and business experience so we know the challenges that businesses  face every day.

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